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Horizontal Flow Wrap Machines
Long infeed double jaw,

Speed upto 200 p/min

Product range

50-200mm long
15-150 wide
5 to 50mm high

Record Jaguar
Plain or continuous print

Up to 100 per min

Suitable for biscuits, trays, soap, candles, sweets.

Record Scorpion model E
NEW horizontal flow wrap machine with 2 meter infeed.

Speed upto 120 p/min

Jaw width 350mm

Max product height 100mm

QF 350
New horizontal flow wrap machine.

Up to 100 packs per min.

Suitable for bakery products, sweets, biscuits, trays.

Very versitile/ adjustable folding box.

Otem 400
Fully rebuilt

Plain or continuous print

Speed upto 100 p/min

Suitable for biscuits, sweets

Vertical form fill & seal machines
Bosch 175N 1988
Vertical form fill & seal machine for laminate seal with photo cell.

Speed upto 70 p/min

Flatbag tube 116mm available.

Previously used to pack spices.

Autopac 140
Stainless steel vertical form fill & seal machine.

Variable speed 20-50 p/min.

Flat bag size 250mm

Previously used for packing sweets.

Autopac 250C 1998
Vertical form fill & seal machine.

Flat bag size 145mm

Speed 60 p/min

Previously used to pack Snack food.

Gainsborough GV5
Vertical form fill & seal machine with Poly seal, suitable for 5/10kg bags.

Speed 20-30 p/min.

Bag size 300 or 420mm wide.

Suitable for rice, animal feeds and frozen pastries.

Autopac 250C
Vertical Form fill & seal machine with Vollumetric filling head.

Setup for packing 25g nick nacks or pop corn.

Speed up to 50 p/min.

Flat bag size 105mm

ZL 300
NEW Stainless steel vertical form fill & seal machine. Laminate fin seal

Servo driven belts.

Suitable for powders, sweets, biscuits pasta etc.

ZL 130
NEW Mini stainless steel vertical form fill & seal machine complete with Yamato 510A Multihead weigher.

Laminate heat seal.

Flat bag size 100mm. (maximum 160w flat bag).

Sachet machinery
Universal Pack BU4T
Four lane tea bag machine.

Sachet size 65 x 65mm

2,5g tea

Speed upto 500 p/min

Mespack H140
NEW Horizontal sachet machine complete with two filling stations. Auger and volumetric fillers.

Speed upto 100 p/min.

Suitable for soup, pasta packs, drink powders, milk powders, seeds etc.

Cartoning machinery
Vertical Cartoning machine with tuck-in closure rotary carton infeeder.

Speed upto 150 p/min.

IWK cartoning machine with automatic feeder for chicklet chewing gums.

Automatic carton erecting, loading and tucker.

Product fillers & feeders
Yamato 123 RB
9 Head Yamato multihead weigher including stand. Speed 40-50 weighments per min.

Suitable for sweets, biscuits, etc.

Ishida RLC
Ishida 14 head multihead weighing machine
Qualitechs digiway
Qualitechs digiway linear weighing machine.

Suitable for granular products like tea, sugar, maize, soap powder, muesli etc.

Capacity: 100g to 2000g

Speed upto 20 p/min

Qualitechs digiway
Qualitechs digiway linear weighing machine.

Weight range upto 2,5kg

Suitable for sweets, biscuits, pet foods etd.

Speed upto 12 p/min

Auger filler
New Auger filler

Model DC3B with long tooling, suitable for 500g powders.

Servo driven

Auger filler
Webb HP5 auger filler

Clutch brake model

Fully rebuilt.

Product feeder
Stainless steel product hopper and vibratory tray.

Suitable for feeding biscuits,sweets, dried fruit, pasta etc. into bucket elevators.

Product feeder
Variable speed product hopper

Suitable for feeding biscuits, sweets, dried fruit, pasta etc. into bucket elevators.

Ancilliary equipment
Shrink tunnel
Small shrink tunnel
Shrink wrap sealer
Small semi automatic shrink wrap sealer.
Sweet manufacturing/ wrapping machinery
Terbraak cooker
Terbraak TBK 750 hard candy cooker
Coating pans
Large stainless steel coating pans
Mini wrap
SH68 New Qualitechs mini wrapper, complete with round or oval feed disk and sweet feeder/sizer.

Stainless steel

Speed upto 800 p/min

Otto Haensel Vacuum cooker
Otto Haensel Sucromat vacuum cooker with continuous swing pot.

Capacity 500kg p/hour.

Otto Haensel pre-dissolver
Otto Haensel pre-dissolver to work with above swing pot cooker.

Capacity 1200kg p/hour.

Strada 900 Otto Haensel former
Strada 900 Otto Haensel forming line comprising.

Centre filling pump,Batch roller, Four stage sizer, Chain die head, Spreader an multi tier cooler plus fan.

4 tons per 8 hour shift.

Aquarius lollipop line
Aquarius RLM II lollipop line comprising.

Batch roller, Sizer, forming head, Rotary drum cooler and fan.

Capacity 800 p/min.

Rose 650 FWT
Rose 650 FWT Toffee cut and twist wrap machine.

Speed upto 600 p/min

Teledyne roadco
Large heavy duty,double geared, jacketed Z blade mixer suitable for gum, mastics, putties etc.
Baker Perkins
Heavy duty,double geared, jacketed Z blade mixer suitable for gum, mastics, putties etc.
Gimple gum extruder
Gimple gum extruder

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